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Fidelli Kitchen

1616 Camden Road, #100
Charlotte, NC 28203
RESERVATIONS: 704-594-8000


Fidelli Kitchen offers a menu of fresh, fast choices, inspired by a Euro-Italian way of life. It’s quick, it’s convenient, but most of all, it’s delicious. This is a place where casual meets classy, a place that features simple but delicious menu options that cater to your needs. Tucked inside our comfortable modern interior, our personally curated boutique wine selection of over 99 labels, cold craft beers, and unique menu options (check out the Meatball Cone) make for the perfect hangout spot in South End. See you soon, and thank you for considering us.

$30 per person (does not include tax or gratuity)


First course (choice of one)

Crunchy Caesar Salad - crisp Romaine lettuce with fresh red onions, croutons and shaved Parmesan cheese tossed in a classic Caesar dressing

Italian Wedding Soup - a traditional wedding soup, flavorful chicken broth with onions, celery, kale and carrots, finished with meatballs and fresh parsley

Second course (choice of one)

Big Fat Meatball Cone - our unique bread cone filled to the brim with hot “ooey gooey” Italian cheeses, meatballs, fresh veggies and penne pasta, then finished with fresh basil and spiked with aged Parmesan cheese

Classic Meat Lasagna - cheesy sheets of pasta with our Bolognese meat sauce, classic herb marinara, blend of Italian cheeses, finished with fresh basil and shaved Parmesan

Fresh Veggie Lasagna - fresh sautéed squash, zucchini and garlic sandwiched between cheesy sheets of pasta, layered with classic herb marinara, blend of Italian cheeses, finished with fresh basil and shaved Parmesan

Third course (choice of one)

NY-Style Cheesecake - this classic New York-style cheesecake features a rich and velvety texture with a golden Graham cracker crust drizzled with decadent chocolate and caramel sauces

Bonus course/option (choice of one)

$10 Enomatic Wine Card - Yours to keep! Your personal Fidelli Kitchen wine card to use with our self-service wine machine, allowing you to tailor your meal with that perfect wine pairing.

$10 Fidelli Kitchen Gift Card - an option after a great Charlotte Restaurant Week dinner: the opportunity to visit us again soon for a nice lunch or small meal!

Fidelli Kitchen meatball cone photo